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Each of us discerns at some moment how we want to live our lives and for what purpose. God is always calling us to go beyond ourselves - to have the courage to put down roots where we can grow and search out the depth and breadth of God's Presence and love, and thus be of service to the Church and the world. Here are some thoughts from the Sisters in Barrington Carmel who choose to be rooted in the Carmelite way of life.

The Carmelite Way.. a great faith adventure with many unexpected turns and extraordinary characters to meet. Supported by others seekers and friends and an ancient ascetical mystical tradition, the search for God goes ever deeper. a radical commitment o give one's life, witnessing the Presence of God, and living the mystery of prayer in friendship with Jesus who shares with us the joys and sorrows of the world. a great love for Christ, His Mother, and the Church, especially Her Priests - with the desire through prayer and intimacy with God to foster the Kingdom of God today for the betterment of the whole world and attaining its destiny in God. entering into a mystical space, a place where you can connect intimately with God, with our world. This way is one of being emptied and allowing God to touch others' lives, "though 'tis night", and one becomes so insignificant. a supremely "happening" place to be, holding out the possibility of healing and transformation, that living and being with God, we would be made like Him! radically living in Jesus Christ, learning the depths and heights of BEING LOVE and life-givers in the Heart of God. Lived in solitude in community, it is darkness and inner purifying times that teach us how to love as we carry the Cross with Jesus for our Church and world.

...opens and supports he entire person - spirit, soul, mind, body - to plunge herself into the abyss of God's love, totally lost of herself in order that God's own Life and Beauty might find space to dwell in her and through her to radiate out that very God-Life and Beauty to all the world.

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